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   Europe / postal codes     ['E]

   E-AT     +32     _e_Austria     _d_Österreich     _f_Autriche
   E-BE     +32     _e_Belgium     _d_Belgien     _f_Belgique
  • ... coming soon ...
   E-DE     +49     _e_Germany     _d_Deutschland     _f_Allemagne
  • ...VVV... Suchseite (von DEUTSCHE POST DIREKT)
    -DE- ... nach Ort, PLZ, Postfach, Straße; und auch Umkehrsuche von Postleitzahl zur Straße
    -DE- Auch Suche von Postlagerausgaben und Großempfängern.

    -EN- above: direct access to the standard search page.
    -EN- German postal codes 'Postleitzahlen': you have to know town + street + no.. --- German codes like 'D-99071' include all levels of codification [region, town, street, street part of postal delivery organization] and can be different in the last digit for buildings in the same street

  • ...V... Suchseite (von DEUTSCHE POST DIREKT)

  • Alternative für Papiersammler: Das Buch ,,Die Postleizahlen'' der Deutschen Post. Es ist groß und dirck, kostet 6,95 Euro und gibt es seit dem 4. Oktober 2005 bundesweit bei der Post.
   E-FR     +33     _e_France     _d_Frankreich     _f_France
  • ...VVV... look-up page in French language
    French system: 1 town =1 code; major towns = several codes, e.g. Paris =75001...75020
  • - This is in French language, but easily to use from everywhere. Just enter what you know, read what you get, if not satisfied, try it again. Wilcard can be used: * ??? etc.
  • - In France, practically all locations (towns, villages,...) have only one code (5 digits). So it is easy to find on this site what you need.
   E-GR     ++30     _e_Greece     _d_Griechenland     _f_Grèce
   E-NL     +31     _e_Netherlands     _d_Niederlande ['Holland']     _f_Neerlande ['Pays Bas']
   E-CH     +41     _e_Switzerland     _d_Schweiz     _f_Suisse
- also includes Liechtenstein -
   E-GB     +44     _e_UK = Great Britain ['UK','United Kingdom','England']     _d_Großbritannien [''Vereinigtes Königreich'', ''England'']     _f_Grande Bretagne [''Royaume-Uni'',''Angleterre'']
  • ... The former UK service was these days stated as closed. A new service link for UK postal codes will be inserted here very soon.
  • UK-joke: 'the concept of our postal codes belongs to the best protected secrets of mankind' find the plain truth soon in this document -- all details like Locale cachments, drivetime isochrones and so on -- will interest Canadians, too --
REMARK:    UK postal code Internet maps may be ahead of our time with some virtual reality territories on earth:
--- example 'London-E20 Walford' - this is fictious, it comes from the soap opera East Enders.

   E-RU     ++7     _e_Russia']     _d_Russland     _f_Russe

   North America (incl.Mexico) - postal codes     ['N]

   N-US     +1     _e_USA   (US)   (United States of America)     _d_USA   (Vereinigte Staaten (von Amerika))     _f_USA   (Etats-Unis)

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